We are not just rebuilding we are investing in property and human capital, simultaneously. 

                                                   ENABLING FAMILIES TO ACHIEVE THE AMERICAN DREAM OF UPWARD MOBILITY

                                                                               REBUILDING ESTABLISHED HOMES FOR AFFORDABLE BUYERS 
If you are unable to allocate any of your time or resources to our cause, you can help us out by raising awareness for our organization. Like us on Facebook or use word of mouth. 
Volunteering your time in a variety of ways can benefit our mission. Whether it be house building or management, we'll take all the help we can get! 
Discover a way that you can help us revitalize your community. Think about what you can contribute. All donations, small or large, make an impact. 

We are a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Creating Opportunity 
Strengthening Assets 
Building Community

Building Families First Community Organization is a 501c nonprofit that cultivates strong, cohesive families by creating opportunities, strengthening assets and building communities. 

We encourage families to take ownership of their lives and adopt financially responsible behavior, while becoming independent of governmental assistance.
On-The-Job Training

Section 3 

Homeownership Programs

Affordable Housing

Volunteer Opportunities

Building Families First Community Organization, Inc.
38099 Schoolcraft Road, Ste 125       Livonia, MI 48140                               734-743-1351

Detroit Location
2nd Chance Ministries
2535 Michigan Ave.
Detroit Mi 48216

Our Goals & Objectives

• Provide safe, clean, affordable housing
• Provide effective social services
• Partner with our residents
• Improve the quality of life for residents
• Encourage employment and self-sufficiency

Good for the Individual
Good for the Neighborhood
Good for the Community
Associations & Awards
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