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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program  

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a HUD program that helps families who have a Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV or Section-8) obtain and maintain living wage employment and reduce family dependence on public assistance. The FSS program provides families with long-term support, financial education, and guidance to become self-sufficient and financially independent. BFFCO partnered with social service agencies, schools, businesses, and other local partners to develop a comprehensive program that gives participants the tools needed to succeed.

FSS program services may include:

  Child Care
  Job training and employment counseling
  Referral to substance/alcohol abuse treatment or counseling
  Household skill training
  Homeownership counseling

Who is Eligible?

All Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) participants are eligible to be considered for the FSS Program.

What are the benefits to be obtained?

In addition to the services that may be provided to enable a FSS participant to meet his or her goals, an interest-bearing FSS escrow account is established by the participants Housing Authority for the participating family. An escrow credit, based on increases in earned income of the family, is credited to this account by the Housing Authority during the term of the FSS contract. If the family completes the contract and no member of the family is receiving cash welfare assistance, the amount of the FSS account is paid to the head of the family. 
  • Most graduates use the funds to buy a home, further their education or start a business.

We serve over 30 communities and consistently growing, to discuss possible enrollment in the FSS program, contact us at 734-743-1351 or our Detroit location at 313-473-7583

Detroit Location
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Artisha is a graduate of FSS and recently became a homeowner with help from her FSS Escrow account. During her participation in FSS, Artisha obtained a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and graduated with a grade point average of 3.5. While in school she had a second child but was able to care for her children, attend classes, work part time and complete class assignments. 

Artisha began her employment as a Stay-in-School program participant at a local agency where her work schedule revolved around her class schedule. Eventually she secured a permanent, professional series position as a Grants Management Specialist. She has now been employed for nine years.

Artisha worked with her homeownership coordinator and attended several financial seminars and budgeting and energy conservation workshops to prepare for homeownership. And now she is homeowner!

During the period of her participation in FSS, Artisha has had to resolve serious challenges to her well-being, which she has successfully done. She now is committed to a healthy lifestyle for herself and her daughters and says she feels blessed to have had an opportunity to participate in the FSS program

Resident Job Plus Program

Jobs-Plus is a proven, place-based employment program designed to increase the earnings and employment of working-age residents in designated public housing developments or a cluster of developments. Where implemented well, Jobs-Plus resulted in a 16 percent increase in average annual earnings for working-age public housing residents

The Jobs-Plus program uses a three-pronged approach, which includes:

   1.Employment-Related Services
  •   Client enrollment, assessment, orientation
  •   Job readiness, job search assistance and training
  •   Job development, placement and retention/advancement support
  •   Referrals for social supports

   2. Financial Incentives that “Make Work Pay”
  •   Increasing awareness and enrollment in the Earned Income Disallowance (EID) program
  •   Receipt of income supports
  •   Increasing child support services
  •   Provision of one-on-one financial counseling services

   3. Community Support for Work
  •   The strengthening of social ties among residents and community stakeholders to support residents’ job preparation and work efforts

If you are interested in participating in this program contact us for eligibility 734-743-1351 or our Detroit location at 313-473-7583
Financial Empowerment

Experts strongly recommend financial coaching, especially for homeowners, because of its proven success in helping families manage and protect their homes. Build a better financial future through our financial capabilities curriculum.

During a financial counseling session, participants will meet one-on-one with a trained financial counselor to create a plan and to set financial goals. Counselors can meet several times to address the participants financial needs. Financial counseling services are free and all resident information will be kept confidential, from third parties.

​Our program covers the following:

  •   Manage and maintain rent and other bills​
  •   Create a realistic budget
  •   Debt reduction
  •   Banking basics
  •   Increase savings
  •   Developing a spending plan
  •   Establish or improve credit 

To participate in this program please contact us 734-743-1351 or our Detroit location at 313-473-7583
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