Building Families First Community Organization
We are putting the tools to build assets and financial capabilities into the hands of low-income families and empowering the families we serve to build a pathway out of poverty.

We have developed and refined an approach to our work that builds on expert research, the principles of a national asset development movement, and ten years of experience working with low-income families.

Good for the Family
Good for the Neighborhood
Good for the Community

This form is used to inquire about Building Families First Community Organization (BFFCO) programs and services. This form is for informational purposes only, and is not an application for assistance. For the most immediate service and to speak directly to a BFFCO representative, contact us at 734-743-1351 weekdays from 9:00am to 5;00pm. 
Note: All forms will receive a response by a BFFCO representative within 48 hours of submission during normal hours. 
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It will take time. The issues some are facing are not a quick fix. Sometimes you might need a small solution like a bag of groceries to feed your family for a week, or it might take six months to a year to see the light of a better future. As a peer, some of us have been where you are now, and please note that together we are stronger and can accomplish anything we want to do — with support.

You got this! Make the call, email us or fill out this form above to get started receiving support. We might not find a solution for all your needs at this first stop, but we will do our best to find other services you never thought of, that can push you to where you need to be.


We are committed to helping meet the challenges families are facing with regards to peer and professional support and access to services. If you need assistance for you or your family; we are here to assist in ways that matter. One person at a time.

                     Pro Tip! Feel like you can manage it alone? We get it. Why not connect with our partner and search for
                                     what you need right now via our search tool! You can also find our programs on Aunt Bertha.

No nonprofit or community has all the answers, but knowing where to turn in that exact moment is key on the road to being healthy, supported and hopefully towards a more productive life.
 Finding Local Services in Your Area is Only A Click Away!
To service those needs, Building Families First Community Organization promotes a culture of collaborative, integrated services, both internally and across the community, by utilizing AuntBertha database. This network is designed to enhance and streamline accessible resources, creating a local safety net of community services. We incorporate a referral process when collaborating for case planning to ensure that services are received, so no one falls through the crack!

We rely on data analysis to ensure quality service delivery and support ongoing process improvement.

Culture of Collaboration
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BFFCO collaborates with additional community partners to provide resources along the way.
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