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(2nd Chance Ministries)

​Our Goals & Objectives

  • Provide safe, clean, affordable housing
  • Provide effective supportive services
  • Partner with our residents and the community
  • Improve the quality of life in the communities we serve
  • Encourage employment and self-sufficiency
  • Help residents move out of assisted housing programs

With more than two decades of combined experience, our Acquisition/Preservation team has provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income residents while laying the foundation for economic sustainability.

​Housing Redevelopment

As a nonprofit community development organization, GUD owns and manages 28 units of Eco-Affordable housing scattered at over 28 sites throughout Wayne County, and growing.
GUD's properties are financed with a complex mix of non-traditional sources, including federal grants and rent subsidies, to reduce debt and guarantee permanent affordability.

Lease to Purchase Program

BFFCO assists families with transferring their government rental subsidy into homeownership. This program allows a family to purchase a home after leasing for 4 years. The family must be enrolled in BFFCO Keys to Transformation Program (KTT), the Lease to Purchase provides pre/post purchase counseling and additional guidance throughout the homeownership process to ensure success. 

Property Management

GUD's Property Management team works to support tenants by building positive relationships and creating eviction plans for at-risk tenants. Examples of our Property Management model include weekly unit inspections, payment plans, community meetings and close coordination with our Support Services team.

Redevelopment principles for GUD include:

GUD will continue to serve as a affordable housing provider for low-income households, offering opportunities that
  •  Maximize our assets and resources to increase the supply of affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income households;
  •  Revitalize undervalued, blighted neighborhood areas through affordable housing development, 
  •  Facilitate economic opportunities; 
  •  Improve the quality of life for residents. 
  • Create construction jobs and workforce apprenticeship opportunities in those communities, as well as provide workforce readiness training.

If you are interested in our opportunities please complete the form located here or at the contact information below.
​Rebuilding Established Homes for Affordable Buyers
Good for the Community
 Good for Homebuyers