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We are a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Volunteering your time in a variety of ways can benefit our mission. Whether it be house building or management, we'll take all the help we can get! 
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Committed to social and economic justice, we strengthen resident leadership and integrate community building and engagement activities in targeted areas to revitalize neighborhoods

The promise of economic mobility – that a child growing up in poverty can work their way up the
income ladder – has always been an essential part of the American Dream. For millions of people
in this country, however, that promise has not been fulfilled.

We have long known that where a person lives – the city, the neighborhood, even the block –
determines her access to schools, jobs, food, health services, public transportation and other resources that are necessary to build skills, stay healthy and get ahead.


                                                                               Our program has a positive ripple effect that reaches the entire community. 

We improve the economic health and vitality of the community, equip people with the skills necessary to compete in today’s marketplace with area employers. 
We do this while offering Eco-affordable homes to families in communities where people thrive,with connections to resources like health care, schools, jobs and transportation while increasing the Amenity Value and Quality of Life in the Neighborhood.
Services that stabilize and remove socioeconomic barriers including safety, food, and housing.
These programs often serve as the first stepping-stone out of poverty, assisting people to acquire the information and skills needed to live independently and offset future crises.

Our “Path to Prosperity “model incorporates a holistic, 19 domain assessment to understand the family’s strengths and needs. 
As a strength based, person centered approach to case planning, we then encourage individuals to ask, 
  • What path would you like to take?
  • What does saving look like ? 

We support them on that journey through their plan, collaborating with additional community partners and providing resources along the way


​Our commitment to social and economic justice in the context of vibrant and revitalized neighborhoods has challenged the organization to integrate its neighborhood revitalization and community engagement activities.

The strategy is to integrate community development and community engagement by strengthening resident leadership development and organizing across sectors with multiple community partners in targeted neighborhoods.

Financial education, asset-building services, and homeownership opportunities are available for participants seeking long-term financial empowerment.

BFFCO provides a variety of financial education and asset-building services, including incentive-based savings plans as it partners with individuals and families seeking long term financial empowerment.
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